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Entertainment with 360

History of the beef and where it started.

Eminem’s Lyrics will be discussed

Machine Gun Kelly’s Lyrics will be discussed

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Why Americans are burning Nike products, protesting against company’s new ad featuring Colin Kaepernick


Celebrities who have opened up about drug addiction


Local Business with Yolanda

Yolanda interviews the GM of the Fredericksburg Golds Gym to discuss Amenities, Perks of membership, Misconceptions about Gold's Gym, and Value. Win a free 2 - week membership by listening to this week's podcast and get the code. Subscribe and share the post to be eligible.

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Lifestyle With Alex

Ladies! Where is all this stress coming from? Hint, it's not your kids or your job…


"We both work full time, and we both try to split the childcare, but somehow I'm always freaking out way more than he is," said Deno Fleno, a Connecticut-based working mom, of the survey results. "My husband, obviously he worries about their future, but he doesn't worry the same way." She admits that she tends to "project 20 years ahead with every little parenting decision," while her husband has a much more relaxed approach when it comes to the little things, like letting their daughter have an extra cookie.”

SO we can have it all! And heart disease too……


Every 80 seconds, approximately one woman dies from cardiovascular diseases or stroke. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, heart disease is the leading cause of death for women in the United States. In fact, 90% of women have at least one risk factor for heart disease or stroke, including risk factors related to mental health. The statistics are dreary, but what is even more upsetting is the fact that 80% of heart disease and related illnesses can be prevented by lifestyle changes and education. But in American culture, women are expected to take on stressors that make for the complete antithesis of a heart-healthy lifestyle.

But let's not forget about the men, who are more likely to become depressed when stressed
We studied the effects of stressful life events men and women reported at the beginning of the study to their rates of depression 25 years later. We found that the effect of each life stressor on the risk of clinical depression was 50 percent stronger for men than women.

These findings correspond with a study we published in late 2015 that showed white men may be most vulnerable to the effect of stress on depression, possibly because they have a lower exposure to stress compared to any other demographic group.

It’s possible that cumulative exposure to stress may build resilience or habituation to stressors. In other words, people who cope with stress all the time can get used to it.

So the social group exposed to the lowest stressors (living the most privileged life) may at the same time be most vulnerable to each additional stressor. They have not learned to cope with stress as effectively as those who experience it more.

This is potentially the cost of living an easier, and therefore, less stressful life.


Which leads me to this some pretty great life advice from this excellent book I’ve almost finished

I should just read this to you now, or you could go pick it up for yourselves. For today, I will just share some of my favorite self help bits….

Mark Toler