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The Facilitator Podcast

The Facilitator Podcast is your local source for national and regional sports. We have round-table style conversations including interviews with local and national athletes and sports personalities. Our motto is "no platform too big, no platform too small". We want to hear and talk about your pee wee Park and Rec team, as well as, "what's the latest going on in the NFL."


Hosted by the madman lowercase and anyone else who shows up, this show tackles trending topical tropes and tries to tweak it enough to get a laugh out of it. Sometimes we accidentally alliterate.

Below the Deck

This show takes focus on the live entertainment available in this area. You'll hear interviews with local entertainers, coverage of local events, and the occasional conversation about mainstream media.

The Plank

Follow the crew of The Plank as they navigate the world of women, sex, and pop culture. Brash and in your face with just a little bit of class. Follow the world's most interesting show about.

Otherland Dreams

Here we discuss connecting to the source. Shamanism, spirituality, mysticism, and other archaic techniques of ecstasy. Hosts Lady Stars & Fire and Hill Hippie explore the universe & discuss Spirit, nature, each other, & the divine. 

Lost in the Long Box

Three self proclaimed nerdy hosts discuss comic books and comic collecting and review new titles weekly. Time permitting, someone will step up on "The Milk Crate" to voice an opinion on the current comics marketplace or related geekery.

FXBG Pirate Gamers

Several local tabletop gaming enthusiasts gather to play a variety of games over drinks and nerdy conversation.

Just Sayn

Just Sayn is an entertainment and lifestyle broadcast. Our focus is showcasing entrepreneurs and their products with a creative and refreshing approach.

Center of infinity

EK and Courtney gather weekly to discuss the strange and unexplained. Things like odd religion, mad scientists and everything in between will come up as the gang spews an endless stream of "what if..."

The Beat of FXBG

Imagine if you could listen to your favorite magazine. We take you through relationship advice, sex tips, and talk about celebrity gossip and you don't have to put up with a barrage of make up ads .