Episode 1: Jerks and How to Deal

In this show we discuss a very special kind of jerk… the F-boy. How do we describe him? Well… he’s charming, good looking, confident, and he’ll take you on an incredible first date. He embodies narcissism and we’re not talking about a few narcissistic tendencies. He doesn’t care about your time or communicating with you in any meaningful way. This is a project, so he attracts women that think they can help him or change him. He loves to slide into your DM’s with nothing of substance to say…

15 signs you’re dating a Fuckboy 

Karmis segment! 
Not the man of my dreams! 

Thats whats up?! News! 
Sharp objects busts the myth of the pure victim 

Busy Philipps shuts down body shammer

Craigslist missed connections in the DMV ! Ad of the week! 

Eric Kluxen