The Scarlet Line: 16 August 2018

To Whom It May Concern

This week, Margot and Janelle are broadcasting from the premier of “To Whom It May Concern,” a locally produced film project directed by Robert Kendzie. Join Janelle, Margot, Robert Kendzie, and Anne Lloyd for a discussion of the project, filmmaking, and Anne’s experiences in Hollywood.



Robert Kendzie:

Robert Kendzie has been writing and producing independent projects for almost 30 years.He has directed numerous films, including the award winning short "Subtle Poisons", and has worked in Hollywood in development, production, and editing. He is also the writer and producer for the "Dire Destiny" graphic novel series, as well as the publisher of a number of other books under the Dire Destiny imprint. He currently lives in Fredericksburg and works in marketing for a local firm, and he is the founder of the Northern VIrginia Motion Picture Co-Op.


Anne Lloyd:

Anne has been performing on stage since the tender age of three. Years of art, dance, piano and drama lessons, appearances in plays and full-length ballets, and even a couple of school productions led her to Mary Washington College where the Art Department told her she was wasting their time and her parents’ money. Meanwhile, the Theater Department thought she was an amazing artist and so she graduated with a degree in Dramatic Arts. After a couple of years working for the Federal government Anne decided that a desk job was too boring and traveled to New York where she studied acting at the Lee Strasberg Theater Institute. That was followed up by more boring government work, a move to Los Angeles to “be a star,” a return to NoVa and another desk job, marriage, children, and acting for fun and sometimes pay.

Eric Kluxen