The Scarlet Line: 2 August 2018

You Can’t Say Anything Bad About Pigs


The Bright Girl Problem

This week on The Scarlet Line, the Scarlots tackle self esteem, the “confidence gap,” the ways in which women are taught to devalue themselves, and the ways we try to lift ourselves up. Also maybe pigs and house plants.



Rebekka Barnhusen

Rebekka fell in love with the internet in 1997 and has never looked back. She currently works for a firm offering digital marketing and glitter tattoos (only during lunch). In addition to being a badass internet genie, she is also a die hard feminist. Rebekka likes to eat spaghetti, loves Terry Pratchett, and has made kindness an art. She’s our favorite German and we know you’ll love her too.


Allison Jenkins

Our resident “Book Broad,” Allison is a social justice warrior by trade and a bibliophile by night. In her free time she enjoys wine, engaging in the most obnoxious types of sports fandom, and attempting to co-parent her ornery dogs with her husband.

Eric Kluxen